Lil Wayne – Type Of Way Lyrics (ft. T.I.)

Type Of Way Lyrics by Lil Wayne ft. T.I.

My niggas been stuntin since way back when
See you near, I got news for you haters
I’m a nasty ass nigga, ask yo bitch, I ain’t lyin
69, that’s a favor for a favor
Them hoes bitin they lip
‘Cuz when I say shit like that she feel some type of way
I hit it from the front, from the side, from the back, I hit it all type of ways
She throw it heavy like I’m just one strike away
Sometimes life is hard to swallow but she like the taste
Ding ding ding ding ding, my lawyer fight the case
I got them flowers in me, I feel like a vase
Mine still in my closet, no mo closet space
Niggas wanna be this fly, turn in and fly to take it
Enough with the small talk, my girl pussy is a water park
Every lil thing I do turn her on – that’s autostart
I kiss every single body part
Her body is a work of art
I’m way too high, her skirt is short
I think I love her, it was just a thought
I pop up in that coupe, bout to go back to the bitch
And she say throw that in my mouth, damn, you shoulda said it sooner
I be shittin on these niggas like I’m sippin mad a mill
So and we smoking on that gas, pass like excuse you
And it’s up six inch do spiral all day my nigga
Before these niggas play with us, airplane there my nigga
And if you lookin for me I be on these bitches mind
These niggas chicken and I never seen a chicken fly
My bitches been fussin at me about nothing
Ain’t no tellin what she’d do if I replace it
Like bay I’m straight, there’s plenty fish and I’m bait
You can’t even have a decent conversation
I popped the seal on my sip and she be like see you gon drink yo life away
Bitch it’s my life my life my life, shout out Mary J
And tell em boys that we taste like a slice of cake
And all phones screenshot to they write our license plate
I hope that her don’t coss in a cycle 8
All these fuckin gotta stop but I need Tyger base
And don’t run from this dick, girl I don’t like to chase
I wax that ass, she make that Mr. Myiagi face
And she ain’t not that pretty but I like her shape
They say numbers don’t lie, she shaped like a 8
She say she ain’t no dyke but she gon dyke today
It’s curtains for these niggas, I feel like some drapes
We turnt up and if it’s burnt up stop the microwave
This here must cost us out life but that’s the patriot pay
I’m hotter than a Pep, must be the pipe of A
It’s that Dedication 5, wuddup 5?

Aye Tune, I gotta turn up on the D5 man

Hustle gangbang green green, anybody get it
Anything we’ll do for the paper
And we live this shit til our shit get killed
Got nothing but a 2 for a hater
Spend 100k on my wrist nigga!

That flooded rollie make you feel some type of way
I know it do!
Yo hoe be on me, know you feel some type of way
I’ll take yo hoe!
The car I’m drivin make you feel some type of way
You can’t afford this, nigga!
This cash I’m getting make you feel some type of way
Bang boys R us
Some type of way, know you feel some type of way
Hustle Gang my nigga!
That shit ain’t hot, we’re out here poppin, that’s all I can say
My only problem is tryin to decide what I’mma drive today
Hustle Gang my nigga!
We shout out in they face, I know they feel some type of way

I wake up in a multimillion dollar crib near Jersey, I plan on havin a nicer day
I swear I do!
But these punk ass rappers keep my name in they mouth like they some type of gay
Goddamn my nigga
You know me dawg, so what? What you say?
You better watch yo mouth
‘Cus you’ll play no game with yo lame ass niggas, fuck boy you could die today
I swear you can!
Keep a choppa in my backseat, I’m slingin my glock my partner
Came cuz if you want to fuck around and get shot
And get shot partner
I don’t like these niggas
I don’t like these niggas!
Man really fuck these niggas
Man really fuck these niggas!
Tell cuz in yo rap if you want what you see me won’t touch me nigga
I bet you won’t touch me nigga
With all fuck around on my flip flop, they take us all the way around, you try me
Come try me!
If you handle it, go get yo medic
We gon do some music, they queuing the violin
Looks like it start singin, fly bringin
Empty clip to yo earring
And yo chest sting and you out the do’
I hope you don’t feel no hate no mo

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